About BashBurn

A long long time ago in a small room in small house in the middle of nowhere in the Swedish countryside, a young man was desperately trying to burn some CDs on his Linux system. Application after application failed him, and finally he said to himself:

“Screw this, I’m writing something myself”

And so it began. In the beginning BashBurn (Or Magma as it was called then) could not do very much except from burn a data CD. Barely. With time however it has grown to be a very useful and dependable tool.

It might not be the best looking application out there, but it works. Period.
It’s simple, fast and small, and can handle most things you throw at it. If not, you’re probably doing it wrong. :-)

Currently BashBurn can:

  • Burn data CDs/DVDs (Including CDRWs)
  • Burn music CDs
  • Burn CD/DVD-images
  • Rip data/music CDs
  • Manipulate ISO-files
  • and probably more…

If you haven’t already, give it a try.